Firefox nieuws 22 maart 2006

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Do you need 2 gigabytes? You can get it in a flash
Houston Chronicle - United States
... The most popular is Portable Firefox, which tweaks the Web browser so it runs entirely from a USB drive, complete with your favorite themes and extensions.

Firefox 2 versus IE7 title bout.
Neoseeker - USA
The software developement team at the Mozilla Foundation wrapped up some last bit coding last week, in leiu of an up comming release of Firefox 2.The Alpha 1 ...
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Microsoft investigates new Internet Explorer bug - UK
... Explorer 7 will have improved security and functionality features, to enable it to fully take on up-and-coming open-source browser rival Firefox, which now has ...
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Securing Firefox With Extensions
Security Pronews - Lexington,KY,USA
A handful of extensions for the Firefox web browser can help users enjoy a safer surfing experience on the Internet. My fellow writer ...

Congoo search engine gives you "premium" content
SiliconBeat - CA,USA
... Anyway, Congoo does all this by offering you a software, called Netpass, that you download (there are both IE and Firefox versions) on your computer. ...
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Updated IE7 Beta 2 Preview
SitePoint - Australia
... the opening of Microsoft’s three-day MIX 06 conference in Las Vegas, the web site for which, incredibly, does not display correctly in Firefox (the title ...

New Mozilla Firefox in the works - London,UK
Developers at the Mozilla Foundation are readying the first alpha version of the Firefox 2 open-source browser, and could release it as early as this week. ...
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Firefox 2.0 Alpha Non-Release
NewsForge - USA
It was reported yesterday on TechCrunch that Mozilla had released an alpha version of Firefox 2.0. Digg and Slashdot immediately ...