Firefox nieuws 11 april 2006

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Reducing Your Memory Usage in Firefox
Moneycontrol Tech Blog - Mumbai,MH,India
The first one is kinda obvious - some Firefox extensions really soak up some memory, so if you don’t absolutely need them, remove them. ...

How to Stop the Dreaded FireFox Memory Leak
RealTechNews - San Francisco,CA,USA
By Alice Hill. I love and use the FireFox Web browser every day but, it does do a number on my system’s memory. ... 1. Open Firefox and go to the Address Bar. ...

Security Watch: New Phishing Hook Found in Internet Explorer
ABC News - USA
... If you use Firefox for browsing you're already ahead of the security curve, but you can go even further with third-party extensions. ...
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Why Open Standards Matter
Slashdot - USA
... that Linux ends up on your desktops.' But, he encouraged them, if they begin using software that supports open standards now, such as Firefox and ...
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Bootcamp 419: Mozilla Firefox top tips - United Kingdom
It's no exaggeration to say that Mozilla Firefox has revolutionised the browser market, before it came along we were (mostly) content to surf using Internet ...

Google ships upgrade of Firefox toolbar
iT News - Australia
Google Toolbar 2 for Firefox includes the ability to move an RSS feed from a site to a person's personalised homepage on Google or a number of other feed ...

Explorer or Nothing
Apple Matters - Boston,MA,USA
... came out. I prefer Firefox when I have to use XP and Camino, Opera, Mozilla and Safari on OS X are all fine applications. But IE ...
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