Firefox nieuws 20 april 2006

Categorie: Firefox Nieuws

Firefox faces multiple security bugs
Mobile Digest - London,England,UK
The big selling point of Mozilla's Firefox browser (apart from it being a dream to use in my opinion) has always been the security aspect. ...
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Firefox fixes bugs, adds native Intel support for Macs - Aylesbury,Bucks,UK
Firefox, the latest version of the Mozilla Foundation's free web browser, is now available for download in versions for Windows (4.9MB), Linux (8.1MB ...

Firefox Wraps Up Flicks Fest
Since earlier this year, the Mozilla Foundation has been running a grassroots video campaign/contest to promote their popular Firefox web browser. ...

Cocoa widgets in Firefox, Thunderbird progressing nicely.
Ars Technica - Boston,MA,USA
Camino is nice and all (it's my daily browser, in fact), but Firefox is unparalleled in its plugins and installed userbase / community. ...

Mozilla users warned--upgrade now
The Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) warned on Monday that earlier versions of Firefox, and other Mozilla software based on Firefox code, contain a ...
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Multiple security holes found in Firefox
Contractor UK - London,UK
Internet users surfing with Firefox must urgently upgrade to avoid over 20 security holes in the open source browser, the Mozilla Foundation has warned. ...
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