Firefox nieuws 1 juni 2006

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Everybody's got Gadgets (But not Everyone Can See 'Em) - Southborough,MA,USA
... In addition Microsoft's focus on IE compliant content rather than standards complaint content means that the site is trashed if you are using Firefox. Sigh. ...

Next Firefox Release To Include Anti-Phishing Tool
Security Pronews - Lexington,KY,USA
One of the more exciting features being touted in Mozilla's upcoming Firefox 2.0 "Bon Echo" browser is the anti-phishing tool that will be implemented ...

Mozilla Launches Next Firefox 2.0 Alpha
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
... on Saturday released the third alpha version of Firefox 2.0, code-named "Bon Echo," with additions that include a built-in anti-phishing feature and ...

Google Anti-Phishing Will Be Part Of Firefox 2.0
Search Engine Watch - USA
While Microsoft makes the dominant Internet Explorer 7 which will be bundled with Vista, Google has strong ties to the upstart Firefox browser, employing key ...
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Firefox snaps at Microsoft's heels
Just over 18 months on, Firefox has an estimated 50m customers worldwide and a 15 per cent share of the global browser market. The ...
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Patent holders as open source allies
After losing to Eolas, he writes, Microsoft was forced to drop some functionality from Internet Explorer, but Firefox was not. Why ...
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Google CEO reiterates concerns over IE7
PC World Canada - Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
... Google critics have also pointed out that the company's grievance is inconsistent with the fact that Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox browser has a similar search box ...

Firefox 2.0 alpha 3 available today, including Google security ...
Ars Technica - Boston,MA,USA
The next version of Firefox will come out of the virtual box with Google's anti-phishing tools built in. While the Googlified security ...