Firefox nieuws 2 juni 2006

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Will IE7 lure users away from Firefox?
Computerworld New Zealand - Auckland,New Zealand
After winning the browser war, Microsoft sat on its laurels long enough for upstarts like Mozilla Firefox to gain considerable mind share, if not actual market ...
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Google says no to Web browser while Ask looks at blogs wistfully
Mumbai Mirror - India
Schmidt said Google sees little need to develop its own browser because most people seem satisfied with Explorer and others such as Firefox, Safari and Opera. ...
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Safari, Firefox Market Share Slipped in May
The Mac Observer - USA
Safari's market share dipped noticeably in May along with Firefox, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer reversed its steady decline. ...
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Reviewed by ; Robert Vamosi Reviewed May 31, 2006
CNET Reviews - USA
Firefox 2 Alpha 3 is the third iteration of the new browser from Mozilla, and it's the most feature complete. Firefox 2 Alpha 3 ...
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Highlights from Google's Q&A with Investors
ClickZ News Blog - New York,NY,USA
... Schmidt said Google has no plans for building its own Web browser to compete with Microsoft, but would continue working closely with Firefox and other ...

Firefox as a text editor
Atomic - Australia
Has anyone come across an extension that will allow firefox to perform basic text editing functions (similar to notepad)? Why? This ...