Firefox nieuws 7 juni 2006

Categorie: Firefox Nieuws

Browsers, phishing, and user interface design
SecurityFocus - Cupertino,CA,USA
... When Firefox 1.0 came out, I thought it was a major benefit that the background color of the address bar changed to gold when you were on a site using HTTPS. ...

Stop using Internet Explorer
The State - Columbia,SC,USA
... Firefox, open source and free, is taking up most of the slack, but fighting IE is hard because it ships with every Windows computer — and most use it because ...
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Firefox File Upload Form Keystroke Event Cancel Vulnerability
Secunia - UK
Charles McAuley has reported a vulnerability in Firefox, which can be exploited by malicious people to trick users into disclosing sensitive information. ...

Saving Word 2003 can be tricky - San Jose,CA,USA
... Q: I have a computer that runs on the XP Home operating system, and I like Firefox, the Mozilla Web browser, but for some reason it won't save my bookmarks. ...

Firefox holes patched as browser becomes bigger target
iTWire - Australia
Those of us who received our automatic security updates for the Mozilla Firefox browser last week have received a stark reminder that, when it comes to ...