Firefox nieuws 6 juli 2006

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The End User: Firefox users decide fate
International Herald Tribune - France
Firefox, Mozilla's main product, has been downloaded more than 190 million times, but visitors expecting a grandiose reception desk will be disappointed - if ...
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Security expert dubs July the 'Month of browser bugs'
CNET - San Francisco,CA,USA
... Already, the security researcher has featured five security flaws, three for Microsoft's Internet Explorer and one apiece for Mozilla's Firefox and Apple ...
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Firefox architect: IE 7 'looks pretty good'
CNET - San Francisco,CA,USA
... But one person from outside the Microsoft campus who's got some good things to say is Blake Ross, one of the original developers of Firefox, the browser that's ...

A Firefox PC operating system?
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
Lost amid the hubub of the Saturday afternoon appearance by Firefox's Blake Ross at Gnomedex was a very interesting comment to Ross from Brian Livingston of ...
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Q&A with Firefox's Blake Ross
Q: The community is at work on Firefox 2.0. Given the success of the first Firefox, is there pressure to make big advances with the second one? ...
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Wall Develops Firefox SEO Extension
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
Search engine optimization hall-of-famer Aaron Wall has developed an intensive SEO extension for Mozilla's Firefox browser. The ...

Explorer drops, Firefox and Safari Gain in June
The Mac Observer - USA
... 2006. Safari gained market share in June, as did Firefox, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer returned to its downward trend. Safari ...

The Month of The Browser Bugs Begins - USA
... It currently remains unpatched. IE isn't Moore's only target. Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari have alleged flaws, as well. MoBB vulnerability No. ...
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Interactive Review Of SEOBook's SEO Firefox Extension
Search Engine Watch - USA
Aaron Wall over at SEO Book released a Firefox extension for SEOs. The Firefox extension can be viewed here, it allows you to see ...
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