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Aangezien de nieuwsberichten nogal hard gaan en het bijhouden van deze me iets teveel tijd kost ga ik over op weekoverzichten.

Ik weet nog niet of dit zal bevallen, maar dat is even afwachten. Als ook dit niet bevalt, is de kans groot dat ik stop met deze sectie of dat ik helemaal over ga op een geautomatiseerde variant. Suggesties zijn natuurlijk welkom.

16 juli

Mozilla Corporation launches Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1

TechWhack - New Delhi,Delhi,India
Corporation has finally launched the first official beta of their upcoming browser application Mozilla Firefox 2. This release ...

Firefox continues to gain on IE
Desktop Linux - USA
... percent in the last 60 days. Mozilla/Firefox's share climbed about a percentage point during that same period. Usage share is a very ...
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Firefox 2 Beta 1 is out - Hereford,UK
Firefox 2 Beta 1 has now been released to replace "Bon Echo" as the beta version of Firefox. Once all the bugs are ironed out and ...
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Firefox Anti-Phishing Features Score Points - Encino,CA,USA
By Alexandra DeFelice. Mozilla's new Firefox 2.0 beta release is now available for download. The latest version of the popular alternative ...
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Firefox 2.0 Beta released
The Daily Star - Dhaka,Bangladesh
Firefox is becoming more popular everyday. It has ... Linux. Firefox 2 hasn't changed much, interface-wise, from the original. Existing ...

Dogs and cats living together: speculation about the Firefox OS
Houston Chronicle - United States
An interesting thread has been winding its way around the blogosphere lately, about something called the "Firefox operating system". ...

Religious tract asks: What's next for the iPod guy?
engadget - Santa Monica,CA,USA
... How about dropping Safari and contributing to the Mozilla Firefox foundation. ... "How about dropping Safari and contributing to the Mozilla Firefox foundation. ...

15 juli

5 Tools To Bulletproof Firefox
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
Here are five essential tools for securing Firefox by disabling JavaScript and Flash, sniffing out suspicious sites, foiling phishing, preventing peeks at ...
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Firefox 2.0 adds some great features, but is no longer a standout
DailyTech - Chicago,IL,USA
While Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 adds a number of new usability and security enhancements over its Firefox 1.5 predecessor, Jim Rapoza of eWEEK reports that the ...
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KinderStart Becomes KinderStopped In Ranking Lawsuit Against ...
Search Engine Watch - USA
... The home page for the site listed is a PR5, putting it above several pages ranking below it with a higher PR score. Got Firefox? ...
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Uproar in Peru Over Transgenic Drug
Washington Post - United States
... one. In a recent study of the most popular Internet browsers, which country had the highest percentage of Mozilla Firefox users? ...

Firefox: the search engine's favourite
Bigmouthmedia News - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
The recently released Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 incorporates Yahoo! Live Search so you can find what you want faster. ... Firefox searching just got smarter! ...
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Firefox 2.0b1 (#2): Minor issues, improvements
MacFixIt (subscription) - Portland,OR,USA
As we reported yesterday, the most prominent issues with Firefox 2.0b1 concern already-installed extensions and themes, of which many are disabled post-update. ...
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As Firefox infiltrates the enterprise, its market share will ...
As a follow-up to my previous post about Firefox market share increasing, note that the XiTi website has some interesting stats Firefox will continue its ...

Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird Community Test Day
MozillaZine - USA
In preparation for the forthcoming releases of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, a Community Test Day is taking place today. ...
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Firefox 2.0 ready to test
Register - London,England,UK
The Mozilla Foundation is set to release the first beta of the next version of its Firefox web browser, Firefox 2.0. ... It can be installed alongside Firefox 1.5.
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14 juli

Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1 Released
Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1 has been released. This milestone for developers and testers includes several new features including anti ...

Firefox Market Share Grows Again
Marketing Vox News - USA
In the US, IE is used by 79.78 percent of web usrs; Firefox, 15.82 percent; Safari, 3.28 percent; and Opera, 0.81 percent, reports Computerworld. ...

Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 Available for Download
PC World - USA
Mozilla released Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 today. According to developer docs, all the new features for version 2.0 should be in this version. ...
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Firefox 2 beta birth, MS fined by EU (and smellivision)
Computerworld - Framingham,MA,USA
Hasta la pasta, it's IT Blogwatch, in which the new Firefox 2.0 peeps around the corner and Microsoft gets fined by the European Union (again). ...

Firefox 2, Beta 1: Not Ready For Everyone, But Lots to Like
PC Magazine - USA
Beta 1 of Firefox 2.0 is just coming out, at first in a Developer Preview (see our news story). The Mozilla folks have been quite ...
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Firefox 2 beta ready to roll
Stuff Magazine - Teddington,UK
We rarely get pumped by web browser news, but exceptions are made when it comes to our surfing window of choice, Firefox; its version 2.0 beta has just arrived ...
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FireFox v2.0 beta 1 released - USA
The new version, FireFox v2.0 beta 1 is the first public beta of the "next generation" FireFox browser and provides massive amounts of changes over the 1.x ...

Firefox 2 Beta 1 Bows
Redmond Channel Partner - Irvine,CA,USA
The Mozilla Foundation began shipping Beta 1 of Firefox 2.0 this week, just days after a leading Web analytics firm reported the open source browser and its ...
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Firefox 2.0 beta 1 - UK
Mozilla Firefox, the popular web browser, caused a stir with the original release, but apart from minor changes, visual improvements and security fixes, there ...
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Firefox 2 developer beta available
Guardian Unlimited - UK
Got into the office this morning to find an email from Mozilla awaiting me, telling me that the new Firefox 2 beta 1 is now ready for download. ...

Firefox 2.0 beta stokes browser wars
InfoWorld - San Francisco,CA,USA
I'm thinking Opera 9 takes the cake for most improved, but I keep coming back to trusty Firefox 1.5 with lo-fi theme for my own taste of less is more. ...
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13 juli

Global Browser Usage
iMedia Connection - Dana Point,CA,USA reports that Mozilla's Firefox browser now claims 12.93 percent of the global internet audience, up 14 tenths of a percentage point since May. ...
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Inside Firefox 2's beta 1
CNET - San Francisco,CA,USA
The Mozilla Organization continues to develop the next version of its popular Firefox browser. Code-named Bon Echo, Firefox 2 beta ...

Mozilla to release Firefox 2.0 beta this week - UK
The Mozillla Corporation on Wednesday plans to release a Beta 1 version of its open source Firefox browser version 2.0. ... Firefox 2.0 is codenamed Bon Echo. ...

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 Release Candidate Builds Available ...
MozillaZine - USA
Over the past few days, several release candidate builds of Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 have been posted to the bonecho-beta1-candidates directory on ftp.mozilla ...
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Firefox 2.0 Beta On July 11th - Dublin,Ireland
All you Firefox users, and we know there are a lot of you, get ready for Firefox 2.0 Beta…it is supposed to be coming out tomorrow. ...

Bonecho (Firefox 2 Beta) Imminent
O'Grady's Power Page - Philadelphia,PA,USA
I'm still a loyal fan of Flock (except when I need Safari for Sirius streaming, that is) but if you're into Firefox, click through for the FF 2 RC3 (code-named ...

Mozilla releases Firefox 2 beta 1
Desktop Linux - USA
Mozilla on July 12 released Firefox 2 Beta 1, a "developer preview" that features experimental anti-phishing and spell-checking tools, among other enhancements ...

Get at those holdings with LibraryThingThing for Firefox
Information World Review - London,UK
Richard Wallis at Talis has written an extension for the FireFox browser which gets you to information in any of 50M (and growing) library holding records. ...

Firefox 2.0 "Developer Preview" Released
ABC News - USA
The Mozilla Foundation has released a "developer preview" of Firefox 2.0—and warned others to stay away for now. Tempests have ...
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FireFox Usage Climbing
Slashdot - USA
kbox writes "According to the Amsterdam analytics firm onestat The FireFox browser has jumped from a global market share of 8.7% to a whopping 13% since April ...
See all stories on this topic Puts Mozilla Firefox Usage Share at 12.93 Percent
MozillaZine - USA, the Amsterdam-based Web statistics firm, is reporting that Mozilla Firefox's global usage share has reached 12.93 percent. ...
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12 juli

Firefox Use Rises as IE Falls
Redmond Channel Partner - Irvine,CA,USA
... Likewise, Firefox has experienced surges in its usage whenever the Mozilla Foundation comes out with a major release -- notably last fall’s release of ...
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Google Maps Zooms With New Features
Search Engine Journal - USA
... Continuous zoom. For users of Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows, we provide a smooth, continuous zoom animation when you zoom in one level. ...

The Gadgetress
OCRegister - Orange County,CA,USA
... To see differences, I installed a new program, created a text file, moved some photos to "My Photos" and added new Firefox bookmarks. The result? ...

FireFox approaches 13% browser share
TechSpot - USA
By Justin Mann, FireFox has continued to grow, long after the hype has worn off and the novelty value some felt just by having it installed. ...

Firefox 2.0 'Beta Candidate 1' Released
Slashdot - USA
Krishna Dagli writes to mention that a Firefox 2.0 Beta Candidate has been released to the public. Ars Technica looks at some of ...

One in six uses Firefox
iT News - Australia
Mozilla's Firefox browser has gained more than a percentage point in global market share since May, a Dutch web analytics firm said Monday, while Microsoft's ...
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INTERNET DAILY Big impact of 'The Long Tail'
MarketWatch - USA
... Mozilla Foundation released a new test version of its Firefox browser which includes a spell checker for blog posts and online forms. ...

Firefox 2.0 beta coming this week - Haarlem,Noord Holland,Netherlands
Door: Robert McMillan The first beta version of the Firefox 2.0 browser could be released as soon as Tuesday, according to a note posted to Mozilla Corp.'s Web ...

Firefox usage continues to increase - IE down again
The latest browser market share stats from show that Firefox's usage share continues to gain on Microsoft's Internet Explorer. ...