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23 juli

IE and Firefox both crashing!!!!
Atomic - Australia
... Firefox has encountered a problem and needs to close, etc. ... I uninstalled and in Regedit, removed all Mosilla references.

22 juli

Live blogging Microsoft's fourth-quarter and FY results
Blogging Stocks - USA
... begin. 2:33 pm -- Microsoft's investor website is having issues apparently -- no webcast is loading in IE or Firefox. Go figure! ...

Google Toolbar for Firefox 2.1.20060713W
TechSpot - USA
Google Toolbar for Firefox - take the power of Google with you anywhere on the Web. Google, one of the most powerful search engines ...

Firefox Backup Extension 3.0
Computeractive - London,UK
Google recently released a Firefox extension that enabled you to backup your bookmarks and passwords, so the browser information stored on one computer could ...

Shazou - Mapping Tool Now Available for Firefox Browser (press release) - Glencoe,IL,USA
LANCASTER, PA, July, 20 2006 – Seisan is proud to announce that they have recently developed and released a new one-click mapping tool for the Firefox Browser ...

Firefox deserves your support
What PC? - UK
The Mozilla Corporation has released the first beta of Firefox 2.0, supposedly a major new release of the most popular alternative to Internet Explorer. ...

Google Results: Sales Up 77%, Profits Up 20%
Digital-Lifestyles.Info - London,England,UK
... lashing the cash on promotional work, $49m, or which $24m was 'related to certain distribution deals,' which we imagine is their deal with browsers like Firefox ...

Firefox 2.0: Mozilla's Tabs Overfloweth - USA
... So how many tabs can you fit in one window? No matter how many you can fit into Firefox 1.5.x, the next release of Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 will give you more. ...

21 juli

Firefox is most popular in western Europe among Germans
Heise Online - Hannover,Germany
In the major countries of western Europe, Firefox is most popular in Germany. In June, market researchers at WebSideStory found ...
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Winternals Is Redmond-Bound
Redmond - Irvine,CA,USA
Microsoft acquires Windows toolmaker Winternals and cult hero Russinovich, Firefox 2.0 betas and Microsoft pulls free new Private Folder tool. ...

Which is best: Firefox 2, IE7 or Opera 9?
... three well-known browsers: Internet Explorer is finally being updated, with version 7 in its third beta and almost ready to roll out the door; Firefox is also ...
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McAfee SiteAdvisor
PC Advisor - London,UK
... in SiteAdvisor. And even better, this program comes as a free download to anyone who uses Internet Explorer or FireFox. McAfee has ...

Ghost Rider on The Internet
Cinematical - Santa Monica,CA,USA
... the site opens with a flash screen asking you if you want to see the trailer, and a little click-link to launch the official page (if you use Firefox, shut off ...

Surfing for the World to See
Wall Street Journal - USA
... surfers. The data come from an extension created by 25-year-old computer programmer Billy Chasen for the open-source Firefox browser. ...

UK lags in Firefox usage
PC Pro - London,UK
More than a quarter of German computer users access the World Wide Web using Firefox. According to a new survey by the web analytics ...
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20 juli

No way you can block blogs!
Indiatimes - New Delhi,India
... if your ISP blocked the wrong site and you want is to step around the block, the simplest way is with Torpark, a project that combines the Firefox browser and ...
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Opera 9, FireFox 2 and IE7 enter the boxing ring
TechSpot - USA
Recently, we've had some pieces on how people are reacting to the newer browsers hitting the market, most especially IE7 and FireFox 2. Now we have another way ...

Yahoo! Invites customers to make Advertisements
Moneycontrol Tech Blog - Mumbai,MH,India
... portal at The offer is similar to the one Mozilla Firefox made, for television advertisement. The portal has also ...
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Ajax Book Review
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
... Readers of this site will probably be disappointed that Ed has a Windows slant (though he does use Firefox) but he doesn't ignore Mac and Linux outright. ...

Which New Browser Is Best: Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7, or ...
Extreme Tech - USA
That's all changed, thanks to that phoenixlike incarnation of Netscape technology, Firefox. In one year, the open-source darling ...
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Immortalise yourself in Firefox 2 source code - Hereford,UK
Fancy being part of the development of Firefox 2? The Mozilla Foundation is allowing users to get their name embedded into the source code of the next version ...
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Mozilla to add users’ names in Firefox Code
Moneycontrol Tech Blog - Mumbai,MH,India
The Mozilla Foundation will immortalize people’s names in the Firefox code to commemorate the three year anniversary on July 15. ...
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Firefox takes big bite of Europe browser market
Inquirer - Harrow,Middlesex,UK
A FIRM released figures which it said showed over one in four Germans are using Firefox. ... Firefox is used by one in 10 US users, the firm claimed. ...

Win Subscibers & Win New Sales Leads PART 2
Rossiter & Co - Skelmersdale,UK
... If you want to be extra-careful, test links in different browsers and email clients – Firefox in addition to Internet Explorer and Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL and ...

(PRN) - Germany Records Highest Firefox Usage Rate Among Major ... - Madrid,Madrid,Spain
(PRN) - Exports of 2.5G and 3G Phones from Mainland China and Taiwan Top 207 Million Units - 28 Percent of Total Global Shipments ...

19 juli

First Look: Firefox 2 beta
Macworld - San Francisco,CA,USA
... relatively polished and usable products. That typically holds true with The Mozilla Organization and Firefox. Betas of the popular ...

Review: Firefox 2 Takes On IE7
CRN - Manhasset,NY,USA
The just-released beta of Firefox 2 may disappoint those who expected a major overhaul, but it adds a variety of useful features that make it a must-have ...
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Reviews: Firefox 2.0 Beta 1, And What The Flock Is Up With That ...
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
By Mitch Wagner. For months now, Firefox 2.0 has been getting a bum rap because there's really no significant new features in it. ...

Friends of Firefox scheme aims to encourage new users
PC Pro - London,UK
Starting last Saturday, dubbed World Firefox Day, in honour of the third birthday of the Mozilla Foundation, the organisation is giving people the chance to ...

Verizon & T-Mobile Minutes Used Firefox Extension - Budapest,Hungary
Lifehacker's found a very useful Firefox extension for our Verizon and T-Mobile readers. The Minutes Used extension adds a little ...

Firefox 2.0 changes small but significant
Tectonic - South Africa
... make this browser work for me. At first glance there is little to mark Firefox 2.0 from its predecessor. The icons are the same ...

Press Release: Germany records highest Firefox usage rate among ...
E-consultancy (press release) - London,England,UK
AMSTERDAM (July 18, 2006) ¾ More than one in four Germans are using the Firefox web browser to access the Internet, the highest rate among major Western ...

WordPress and iframes (and Firefox?)
Digital Divide Network - Newton,MA,USA
I’ve had a few posts recently that have seemingly mangled my blog. From what I can tell, it seems to be things that have iframes. ...

Firefox 2 Bon Echo: Hands-on
Crave - London,UK
While the Mozilla Foundation tweaks the hotly anticipated Firefox 2 Web browser, Crave has been getting its hands dirty by taking the second alpha release for ...

18 juli

What's new in Firefox 2
PC World Canada - Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
Although youb ll have to wait quite a bit longer to see major improvements on Firefox, the beta version of this browser keeps up with the new version of IE7. ...

Mozilla Firefox Extensions
ABC News - USA
Many Web users have turned to Firefox for its stripped-down, streamlined operation (and because it's less of a target than IE). ...

Malware dangers grow as e-criminals pool resources
IT Week - London,UK
... The report also reveals how criminals are now using the same open-source processes used to create products such as Firefox and MySQL, to produce professional ...

Mozilla Celebrates 'World Firefox Day'
BetaNews - USA
The Mozilla Corporation celebrated "World Firefox Day" on July 15, three years after the formation of the Mozilla Foundation. As ...
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Messenger Plus! Live 4.01.240
Computeractive - London,UK
... the ability to have a multi-chat within one window, by making use of tabs to control your chat – much like the tab function you’ll see in Mozilla Firefox. ...

17 juli

Firefox 2.0 preview
The first beta of Firefox 2.0 was officially released yesterday, and I couldn't wait to take it for a spin to see what new and exciting features would be ...
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Mozilla releases Firefox 2.0 Beta - UK
Mozilla has announced that the Beta 1 release of version 2 of its Firefox web browser is available for download. ... Firefox 2.0 is codenamed 'Bon Echo'. ...

Get Your Name on the Firefox Friends Wall
RealTechNews - San Francisco,CA,USA
Do you love Firefox? Have you made it your default browser? Then maybe you want to have your name on the Firefox Friends Wall, and displayed in Firefox. ...

5 tools to bulletproof Firefox
Help Net Security - Croatia
Spyware, adware, drive-by downloads, phish blitzes, malware of all stripes, they all have one thing in common: they reach your computer through the wide open ...


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