rotateMe v2.0 is uit

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Goed nieuws in de mailbox. Samir heeft rotateMe versie 2.0 vrijgegeven.

rotateMe v2.0 (final version) is out.

There is only some minors changes since beta 7. I also added an information note at installation if the Accelerometer dll is not installed.
It was sent today to symbian, and I hope I well get a signed version soon.
You can download it from my website:
This version is free and public, so feel free to share it ;)

Two betas are at work (v1.50 and v2.1)
The first beta of v2.1 will be out tomorrow on the forum for rotateMe donators.

Thank you again and again for your support.

Dit is goed nieuws! Helaas heb ik even de komende dagen niet de mogelijkheid om rotateMe te 'self-signen', maar als het meezit zal ik de nieuwe versie zondag gaan proberen.