rotateMe 2.1 Beta 1

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Versie 2.0 van is de deur nog niet uit of rotateme 2.1 Beta 1 ziet het levenslicht.

Hi donators,

Here is the first beta of rotateMe 2.10:
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There is 2 new options:
- Slide behavior: Check "disabled" to stop the slide behavior.

- Landscape 180: Enable this setting to rotate the screen also at 180
But this option is in alpha phase:
* It don't work on old N95 firmwares (it will crashes). Nokia added this 3
screen mode in newest firmware and N5 8gb.
I don't know if N82 support this third mode (if someone can test please)
* The keypad is not rotated.

Don't forget to uninstall any previous version of rotateMe, before
installing this file.

And please don't share this file reserved to donators.
(a public and free version of rotateMe is in my website)