Nokia N97 firmware update v12.2.024 (update #3)

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Ja ja, terwijl mijn N97 terug is naar Nokia om de GPS fatsoenlijk te maken brengt Nokia de reeds verwachte firmware update uit. De update verspreid zich momenteel, dus het kan gerust nog een paar dagen duren voordat deze in Nederland beschikbaar is. Van wat er momenteel bekend is is deze update op dit moment alleen via de NSU te installeren en niet via FOTA. Dus denk erom dat je een backup maakt voordat je begint met de update.

Update #1

Er is een lijst opgedoken met regiocodes welke de nieuwe firmware kunnen binnenharken.

Een changelog is nog steeds niet beschikbaar, maar het zou wel eens tegen kunnen vallen. Uit de eerste berichten blijkt dat deze firmware nog geen Skype toevoegt, geen uitbreiding kinatic scrolling.

everything stayed absolutely the kinetic skype...the phone does seem to operate somewhat faster...although ram remains at around 55mb on startup...all that hype for nothing...disappointment is setting in...
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Update #2

As for the N97, it seems noticeably faster, whereas before I constantly had to deal with slowdowns. Transition effects also seem to work much smoother, but no signs yet of new features. No word yet on the exact changes and fixes, but usually those pop-up in a few days.

Worth noting is that today’s update isn’t considered a a major firmware judging by the slight jump in firmware v11 to v12, despite the rather large 130+ Mb file size. We do have confirmation that Nokia is planning a firmware update that includes lots of features and functions, planned to be roll out in the second half of 2009.

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Update #3

Partial change log for yall
* Following cases have been corrected and/or improved
- Fix for browser cache consuming more than specified in C drive
- Battery indictor showing wrong status (2-3bars) when charging completes
- Firmware over the air (FOTA) setting correction
- User interaction to device while FOTA may cause need for user to power on/off
- Fix for calendar entry lost
- Fix for mail that may get duplicated
- Fix to resolve GPRS access point selection even if WLAN access point is available
- Fix to not to ask user to do new profile while there is already one available
- Fix to display messaging application correctly when theme effect is set to ON
- Fix for Ovi store client may not properly installed if user has a client already installed earlier version
* Applications changes
- Ovi store application is now updated
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