Android apps direct op Meego

Android apps direct kunnen draaien op Meego, da's wel een beetje de natte droom voor Nokia N9 eigenaren(ssen). Na allerlei beloften wachten 'we' inmiddels al meer dan een jaar en is er nog steeds niets. Ja, er is Nitdroid, maar da's helemaal Android. En wie wil Android als je Meego hebt.


Hans Christian Reinl | Writing awesome code | Fronteers 2012 Jam Session

Writing code is hard. Especially when you have to work in a team and everyone writes his or her code differently. As if it wouldn't be hard enough to understand and implement the functionality of an app. To work against barriers of understanding code define how your team writes code. Set up coding guidelines and style guides so you can focus on funcionality. This is not limited to your JavaScript-Code: Give some love to your HTML and CSS as well. As a result you reduce the time you spent doing tasks that are less to your joy and let you focus more on the work that you love.

Peter Müller | A different approach to build systems | Fronteers 2012 Jam Session

Why is it that every web build system needs you to adapt to its way of working? Why do you have to write manifest files, put files into a specific directory structure and do a lot of manual work to have an optimized production build of your web site. If your browser can see the unoptimized assets in your web page, why shouldn't your build system be able to as well? This will be a very short presentation of the thoughts and decisions behind the node based web optimization framework assetgraph and a demonstration of some of the features it has.

Uitprinten is geen contaminatie

Vorige week ging ik blijkbaar in de fout door Blue Band ervan te beschuldigen dat uitprinten een contaminatie is van printen en uitdraaien. Helaas, dit bleek geheel onjuist. En daar werd ik ook door menig volger op Twitter en Facebook op gewezen :-)