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 voor de   komst steeds dichterbij. En vanaf nu is er ook een naam voor gekozen, met bijbehorende website: wazzapp.im.

Aangezien er nog geen eerste versie te downloaden is, zullen we het moeten doen met wat FAQ items:

  • Any updates?
    It's still in progress
  • What is the current progress?
    It's still in the works
  • When is this going to be released?
    When it's done
  • When is this coming?
    Everytime you ask, it gets delayed a week
  • Is this really coming?
    Yes, it's not a hoax!
  • Would it be integrated as an IM plugin?
    No, maybe in the future
  • Isn't the N9 dead already?
  • Who created this beautiful icon?
    The Best Isaac
  • Is it gonna be called Wazapp?
    No, I buy domain names in my free time


De huidige status is volgens ontwikkelaar tgalal:

  • Message delivery indicators - Almost
  • Chat logging - Done
  • Editing Status - Not yet
  • Only 1 to 1 Conversations - Done
  • Contacts sync - Done
  • Integration with Accounts manager - Done
  • Integration with Meego's notifications - Almost
  • Running the app in background - Not yet

And adding to the done list too:

  • Registration which is done too via native Accounts manager. It also automatically parses the received Whatsapp code so you wouldn't enter it manually.
  • Contact is typing indicator
  • Contact presence

I would greatly appreciate any advises concerning running the app in background. I'm looking for a behavior that would be pretty much similar to how original Whatsapp works (almost un-exitable). PS: I'm using python + PySide.