WhatsApp voor N9 update

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, de  oplossing voor de  , heeft wederom een update gehad. Deze update brengt de versie van de 0.1.x naar de 0.2.x releases. En terecht, gezien het changelog:

  • Revamped UI! Big thanks to CepiPerez!
  • Fixed crash on sync when trying to decode a None status (Should fix initializing then crash issue)
  • Now links in Speechbubbles are parsed and clickable (Thanks to @knobtviker)
  • Splash screen is now swipable (thanks to MohammedAG)
  • Splash picture is cooler now (Thanks to flopjoke)
  • Added autocheck of updates and fetching changelog
  • Notifications now don't interrupt calls/music
  • Notification sound changed to default chat sound (change-able from "Sound and Vibration" in phone settings)
  • Clicking notification now opens conversation directly
  • If inside conversation already, new messages are notified via a short vibration
  • Now conversation bubbles are not duplicated after sync
  • Now handling connection sudden termination (recv 0 bytes) during login
  • Status bar is hidden now in conversation landscape mode
  • If reader thread fails for any reason connection is restarted automatically now
  • Context menu when hold down to a speech bubble, currently contains "copy" only
  • Added ability to delete conversations. Holding down a conversation item in chats window opens menu.
  • Now a ping is sent every 3 minutes to make sure connection is alive
  • Added "No contacts yet" label when there are no contacts
  • Temporarily disabled auto sync when there are no contacts (solves crash on sync cases)

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