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  • Heroes - Seizoen 3
    Het is lang geleden dat ik deze informatie hier had staan. Maar na lange tijd ben ik weer aan het rondkijken naar leuke series. Mijn favoriete site hierbij blijft tvunderg
  • Heroes S02 E11: Powerless
    In deze aflevering van Heroes : In Texas, Peter faces off against former friends due to Adam’s misleading story about the Shanti virus. Micah enlists the help of his mothe
  • Heroes S02 E10: Truth & Consequences
    In deze aflevering van Heroes : After tracking down the woman in the company photo, Peter travels to Primatech in Texas to destroy the virus, but not everything is what it
  • Heroes S02 E09: Cautionary Tales
    In deze aflevering van Heroes : Mr. Bennet prepares to move his family when he thinks the Company has found them, but Claire doesn't like the idea. Hiro returns to the pre
  • Heroes S02 E08: Four Months Ago...
    In deze aflevering van de serie Heroes : The events of the "missing four months" are explored. Maya and Alejandro must go on the run, it is explained how Peter ended up in
  • Heroes S02 E07: Out of Time
    In deze aflevering: Peter and Caitlin learn about the endstage effects of the Heroes virus. Many of the Heroes work together to fight the Nightmare Man. West is shocked to
  • Heroes S02 E06: The Line
    In deze aflevering: Peter goes on a search. West convinces Claire to stand up to someone. Hiro struggles with his feelings for Yaeko. Suresh has more problems with the Com
  • Heroes S02 E05: Fight or Flight
    In deze aflevering: A woman named Elle is searching for Peter. Ando looks for Hiro in the past. Matt looks for the man in Molly's dreams. HRG takes another step in hopes o
  • Heroes S02 E04: The Kindness of Strangers
    In deze aflevering: Monica starts to exhibit new abilities while working with Micah, Nana, and Dawson. Nana is the grandmother of Micah, Monica, and Dawson. They all curre
  • Heroes S02 E03: Kindred
    In deze aflevering: Suresh finds an undiscovered Issac Mendez painting that shows someone's death; Maya frees Alejandro from a Mexican jail; in the past Hiro discovers som
  • Heroes S01 E05
    In deze aflevering: Matt uses his abilities to help his marriage. Niki, distraught over another blackout, arrives home to learn that her husband, D.L., has escaped from pr
  • Heroes S01 E04
    In deze aflevering: After her night with Brody, Claire wakes up in the last place she would have imagined. Matt meets a couple of men who seem to know too much about him.
  • Heroes S01 E03
    In deze aflevering: Claire's romantic interlude with the football quarterback takes a tragic turn. Hiro convinces his friend, Ando, that it is their destiny to travel to A
  • Heroes S01 E02
    In deze aflevering: Los Angeles Police Officer Matt Parkman is working crowd control at a murder scene when he alone begins to hear the muffled cries of a little girl some
  • Heroes S01 E01
    In deze aflevering: In this episode, we are introduced to Peter Petrelli, a young man who dreams of flying, and his brother Nathan, a ruthless politician who thinks that P
  • Heroes S02 E02
    In deze aflevering: Matt seeks allies against the new Hero killer. Claire encounters a student with powers. Maya and Alejandro enter Mexico and find their powers more of a
  • Heroes S02 E01
    In deze aflevering: We saw what has become of the some of the charcters four months after the Peter and Sylar meeting in New York. Claire and her family move to California

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